Phase 3…

Working smarter with assets

We work hard to find and plug the leaks in capital and operating budgets. We use a three-step approach:


Phase 3

Deliver the value


Project and Change Management

  • Day to day operational task management
  • HR transition and training
  • Supplier market scan and selection
    • Supplier creating/funding (if required)
    • Spin off internal divisions/management buy outs (if required)
  • Contracts development and negotiation
  • IT system implementation and testing
  • Key stakeholder management
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Business Rules

Asset Management

  • Operational services
    • Asset manager / incident manager
    • Cost, capital driver & service level management to targets
    • Control tower/ call centre management
    • Supplier contract management
    • KPI’s tracking and reports
    • Continuous operational improvement and business case reviews
    • Invoice management
    • IT system operation
    • CapEx planning
    • Training