Working smarter with Capital

We work hard to find and plug the leaks in capital and operating budgets. We use a 3 step approach:


Phase 1

Assess the current operation

  • What is the current operating model and costs
  • How does it compare to industry benchmarks?
  • What are the key cost and capital investment drivers?
  • Assess current level of transparency and control compared to best practice
  • Where are the biggest opportunities?

Phase 2

Propose a better solution with business case

  • Show how processes would change
  • Show how processes would change
  • Propose a new structure, model and way of working
  • Propose an IT solution
  • Set targets based on benchmarks
  • Show the financial benefits and ROI

Phase 3

Deliver the value

  • Implement the new model on a smaller scale
  • Step by step to manage risk
  • Validate the business case
  • Expand cost effectively using industrialized templates

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