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Global Transformation Project implementation and Feasibility Studies in over 23 countries to date:


Countries include: UK, Poland, Benelux, Russia, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, USA, Mexico, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Brazil, China, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia Capabilities include: Doing business in local language and culture. We have supplier databases and

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Activity based cost system for managing business drivers


EP has lead the implementation of a top to bottom system of IT and contracts to put controls and transparency in place for managing costs and KPI’s associated with valuable assets. The fully integrated system enables an activity based costs

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Sourcing & selecting partners in countries of limited infrastructure


EP market scan and selection process is wide reaching and creative with a rigorous selection process to find the most suitable partners where only limited options are available. Countries such as Mexico and Russia can be limited and creative solutions

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Optimized network design in large geographies


Optimizing a supply chain network for valuable assets in very large geographies such as USA and Russia can be a highly complex exercise. EP has successfully completed network design in large geographies to optimize transport, storage costs and service levels

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Starting up new ventures


EP identified a gap in the market for a services company that could provide the service level, cost and national coverage that our clients were looking for. Ennismore supported the creation of a new services company to fill the gap.

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