About us…

Bespoke Services, Flexible Approach

Ennismore Partners provides a client focused approach, built around service excellence and an in-depth understanding of the clients business


  • EP uses a “Prove once, deploy everywhere” path to realizing benefits as quickly as possible.
  • Accountability for results by providing turnkey solutions from consulting , through project implementation and operations with gain share.


Founded in 2011, we have a strong heritage of working with firms with large capital investments locked up in physical assets which are typically expensive to maintain and service. We help clients to find the optimum solution to maximise asset productivity, future capital investment and operating costs.


– Proven delivery in mature and developing and emerging markets
– Experience in over 16 countries

  • All Western European Countries, USA, and D&E countries such as Mexico , South East Asia, Brazil and Russia.


  • Resources in place for quick start up and delivery
  • Minimal learning curve even in the most challenging of country environments
  • Reduced risk to customers


We are passionate about doing things well, creating long-term business relationships built on integrity and trust. We are highly results based and will not rest until a significant positive benefit is delivered for our clients.


We are a group of self-contained team players who can provide the objectivity, expertise and skills clients need. With a variety of backgrounds from top investment banks and consulting firms, IT companies, industrial corporates, client end users and entrepreneurs the platform is there to overcome any project challenge against a background of empathy with the clients business.


We typically start with a business case justification of any project outlining the investments required and the return on investment. Ennismore costs are completely transparent and linked to the skill set required. Competitive market rates are applied for the consulting phase , project implementation phase and operations phase according to the role and experience required. Project budgets are flexibly constructed according to the levels of collaboration with the client and the potential to share in the outcome.